March 27th, 10 am (EST) • 11 am (BR) • 3 pm (CEST) we have a talk with Dr. Guillaume Mouralis, Research Professor at the National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS/France). We will talk about international justice and accountability processes in the Nuremberg Trials and in East Germany after the Reunification, taking two books of Dr. Mouralis as basis for discussion: “Le Moment Nuremberg: le procès international, les lawyers et la question raciale” and “Une épuration Allemande: la RDA en procès 1949-2004.”
Guillaume Mouralis is a Research Professor (Directeur de recherche) at the CNRS. At the intersection of the history of social and political ideas, he researches the judicial handling of authoritarian pasts on a national and international level. After a doctoral thesis on 40 years of dealing with GDR crimes in Germany, he devoted himself to a social history of the international Nuremberg Trial.
The interview will be conducted in English by Ludmila Franca-Lipke and Dr. Flávio de Leão Bastos Pereira (Universidade Mackenzie).

From Nuremberg to GDR: Germany on trial - Dr. Guillaume Mouralis

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